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HYBRID IT: It Takes Two To Tango

Posted on 27 November 2015


For many years, most businesses have learned to rely on in-house information technology. From simple networks to company-wide integration, it is customary to keep all of your vital tech and software under one roof. Now we stand on the edge of a data revolution, brought about by high-end cloud computing and cutting edge servers. Is your business hungry to take the next step? Are you concerned over the stability of recent innovations? Review Catalyst’s summary of hybrid IT below and learn why it can benefit any growing company.


Simply put, hybrid IT is a marriage of in-house services and cloud-based services, tailored exactly to your needs. Many businesses, especially IT staff, are frightened that if they bring an outside company to assist with IT tasks, that eventually their job is on the chopping block, and their entire role will soon be replaced by a company like Catalyst. That just isn’t true.

The fact is, there are many tedious tasks that IT professionals must perform on a daily basis. Also, general IT roles are typically overrun with having to do ‘everything’ associated with IT within their firm. This ranges for every business, but generally speaking, there is a group of common areas that everyone must perform. Backup monitoring, IT reporting, being the voice for all front line Help Desk calls, solving all trouble tickets, documenting the network and its assets – software, and hardware, and focusing on future projects and maintenance. Commonly, this means that something has to give, and there are areas of IT that are pushed aside, regardless of their importance, just so that day-to-day work can be completed. IT professionals overtime quickly find they are being allocated more work than they can handle during a 8 hour work day, and then are forced to work after hours and weekends anyway to patch servers, and perform other maintenance tasks. It can be brutal for a smaller IT department, which sometimes just means 1 person for an entire company.


All organizations interested in growth and streamlined services should strongly consider adopting hybrid IT. We live in an era where companies have relied on their current IT for a long time. Yet, we also see new companies popping up seemingly every day that exist solely in the cloud. These two ways of doing business are not mutually exclusive -- in fact, both structures are proven to benefit from a two- pronged approach to their IT. The reliability of on-site IT is a perfect match for the flexibility of cloud-based IT, combined by Catalyst to create the most cost-effective IT solution on the market.


Our experts are highly skilled and intimately familiar with the opportunities and challenges of hybrid IT. As technology has grown and advanced, so has Catalyst; we move in stride with innovation, but we also take pride in our knowledge of essential IT practices that have been relied on for decades. Catalyst Network Solutions also understands that there are tasks we can control for your IT staff, items that allow them to free up their day to focus on other important areas. We can be the voice of your core help desk so you don’t need to field a ringing phone all the time, assist with documentation tasks, and cover after hours work and server patching/maintenance as an example. These 3 areas alone will help to restore sanity to any overworked IT department almost instantly, but of course, are custom tailored for each company we work with based on their direct needs. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your needs and a customized plan to take your organization to the forefront of hybrid IT.

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