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LOST IN THE CLOUD? “The Cloud” & Cloud-Hosted Services Explained

Posted on 20 November 2015

LOST IN THE CLOUD? “The Cloud” & Cloud-Hosted Services Explained

Thanks to “smart” devices, Apple’s iCloud and many other new applications, terms like the cloud and cloud computing are becoming more commonplace. In fact, there is a boom of cloud-hosted apps and features being adopted among small and large businesses alike. Is this new technology right for your needs? Read on for Catalyst’s intro to the cloud and a list of our dynamic services.



A detailed explanation of cloud computing could take several paragraphs, but in simple terms the cloud is a remote server that can store all of your data and applications. Generally they can be spooled up quickly, and are ready for use with minimal capital investment, and no hardware is needed to buy. 

Instead of investing major capital into hardware, staff and maintenance to run your tech; you can instead rely on Catalyst’s off-site storage and professional expertise. In short, we can have a new server for your personal, or business use up and running in under 15 minutes vs having to wait weeks for server hardware in the mail for example. Plus, having to take the time to install an operating system, patch it and make sure that it is secure. Also, services like Backups for example, are generally included free in your monthly payments, which usually saves users a lot of capital when doing a direct ‘apples to apples’ price comparison to a physical server.

 Lastly, the server that is made for you in the cloud is extremely powerful, and flexible. If you need more CPU power one month, but want to reduce it the next month, that is totally fine. Need more RAM this week due to heavy load? No problem. Need more disk space? Done. We can perform all of these upgrades or downgrades in less than 15 minutes with little or zero downtime. Really awesome stuff. However, with a physical server, you generally would need to book several hours of downtime for an upgrade like the above, and once you upgrade, you cannot really downgrade a physical server, and if you did, there would be no monthly cost savings in doing so. In addition, the hardware that you gain access to when in the cloud is extremely powerful, and industry best practice, we are talking about advanced Dell storage like PowerVault and EMC SAN and DAS technologies, as well as multiple layers of redundant systems to ensure that we meet our 99.999% uptime guarantees.  That means we guarantee less than 29 minutes of unscheduled downtime per year.



Sharing files and data via remote servers is quite common; Dropbox and Google Drive for example are two popular, individual-scale examples. Hosting your business applications and running external, internal or staff software on the cloud is where Catalyst can give you an edge. Save time and gaining productivity by outsourcing your essential, day-to-day IT services through Catalyst Solutions.


Sharing your files across the Internet needs to be secure. Secure in terms of an attack, as well as from what some call overreaching legislation. Servers in Canada do not fall pray to laws that some have called overreaching, items like the Patriot Act, which can allow a government agency full access to your data without the burden of proof being on their side. It’s rare, but can still be an issue, and its one that you should consider when you choose a data host.



The following is just a short list of the advantages offered by Catalyst:

  • Cloud servers up and running in as little as 15 minutes;
  • Instant response capabilities from our live support and phone helpdesk 24/7.
  • No phone call trees. Real people. All the time.
  • Super high speed connections,
  • Failsafe, redundant networks;
  • Guaranteed upload and download speeds;
  • Upgradeable data plans;
  • Free “iVault” backup service;
  • Remote IT support;
  • Automatic patches and updates;
  • Upgrade or downgrade anytime;
  • Cancel anytime;
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • All hosting is done within Canadian boarders;
  • 30-day free trials for all our offerings!

So you’ve done your research and it’s time to enable your business or organization with cloud-hosted services. Or maybe you still have questions or concerns about how the cloud can help you. Either way, contact Catalyst today! Our skilled consultants will assess your needs and customize a cloud-based IT solution. Often we can have your cloud services operational and functional in fifteen minutes or less. CLICK HERE to watch a quick demo of our Cloud hosted services.

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