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iTrust E-Mail Services


99.999% Uptime

Never worry about patching, downtime, or security for your E-Mail infrastructure again. Take a look at our Data Center Setup and Data Center Map

iTrust Benefits

E-Mail Hosting Benefits with Catalyst iTrust E-Mail Services:

  • ZERO Investment in hardware OR software, just a flat fee per user, per month
  • Turnkey deployment that includes EVERYTHING, including 24X7 support for all users of the system
  • Dedicated Catalyst concierge to handle the seamless migration of your current E-mail system, to your new system
  • Flexibility to scale up or down with your business at a moments notice
  • A world class infrastructure that provides 99.999% reliability

iTrust E-Mail Services

With iTrust E-Mail services, you gain access to everything from any mobile device! We offer 100% push button support for BlackBerry’s, Apple iPhones, Micosoft PDA’s with ActiveSync, and GoodMobile from Motorola devices!

Save Money

Are iTrust E-mail remote hosted services right for you? – The simple answer is, yes! If you have less than 350 staff, and want to save money on your E-Mail hosting costs and headache, hosting with Catalyst Network Solutions is right for you.


Secure hosted email running fully hosted in a Microsoft Exchange environment is easy to understand. Here is a quick list of all of the features you may be missing out on, and why Microsoft Exchange is number one when it comes to secure business e-mail.

iTrust Secure Email:

  • Built in protection
    From Automatic Anti-Virus to fully integrated IP address based block lists. Catalyst has you covered. We block more then 650,000 spam and virus e-mails a month for our clients. That adds up to a total of 22.6 days of saved time! (On average it takes about 3 seconds to delete a spam E-Mail... It all adds up!)
  • Low cost:
    No hardware to buy ever, and you get Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 for free. It only costs a few dollars per month per user. (Version provided will depend on the version of Windows the desktop has)
  • Business continuity:
    With our active passive clustering capabilities, database backup and integrity protection, and database portability all supported in Exchange 2007. We can provide your business with a 99.997% uptime guarantee! Crucial in today’s E-Mail driven world!
  • Zero downtime:
    Never worry about patching again, we handle it all for you with zero downtime.
  • Anywhere access:
    Catalyst iTrust E-Mail services ensure that everyone can stay within reach with Outlook Web Access Services, support for all popular mobile devices (BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Windows based devices, and Motorola Good Mobile device support!) If you have access to a PC, you can use your Outlook client from anywhere you have an Internet connection! No more dependence on the web client!
  • Instant private communication:
    With Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 integrated with your Exchange setup, you will never need to worry about where people are again. You gain the ability to send instant message to all staff, anytime. You are also able to determine if they are ’active’ or not with built-in ’presence’ detection. Find out more about Microsoft OCS 2007 HERE
  • Instant information:
    Share calendars company wide, reserve resources like meeting rooms or projectors, head office address book support for client and vendor information. Never again will you be out of touch from the information you need most.
  • Peace of mind:
    Catalyst Network Solutions Tier 1 datacenter handles all of the backend items needed for any business E-Mail solution. That means, you never need to worry about items like security, infrastructure support costs, license fees, staff support costs, renewal dates, or backups. You get all of it for one low price per user per month. Simple.


Save money with a turn-key hosted E-Mail solution 99.999% Uptime, Always patched, Clustered Environment 24/7 support if needed + access to Outlook 2007 for all staff Instant iPhone, BlackBerry, Motorolla, and Android access + Webmail Catalyst Network Solution offers industry leading on-site migration and tools to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Catalyst hosts more then 550 client mailboxes for users all over Canada!

The fact is that for most business regardless of size, E-Mail has quickly become almost as important if not more so, than the telephone. That is why you need to be able to depend on your service, and make sure that your current E-Mail system isn’t silently hindering your companies’ ability to be efficient in an ever-changing market space. Catalyst Network Solutions data centers delivers a premium infrastructure that delivers a 99.999% reliability to ensure your email is working when you need it most… Always! You maintain 100% ownership of your E-Mail at all times, and Catalyst does not have access to your companies E-Mail. – Just because it is stored on our servers, does not mean that we have the right to see your mail. All your mail is encrypted on our backend. The only way to access it is with your name and password for your clients, which are as always set up by you! Without it, we cannot access your mail. Want the facts? Ask for a detailed ROI analysis for your business. CONTACT US now for a Free Network Assessment, and we can show you how you can save between 30–70% on your current E-Mail hosting costs!