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Data Recovery Packaging

Data Recovery Services - Packaging

What is the first step?

Basically, we ask the drive drive either be picked up by one of our Data technicians at your site for safe and secure delivery of your hard drive to ensure that no more data is lost, or that you deliver or mail the drive. Either way, it will need to be sealed in an anti-static bag, and in a sturdy box.
(Boxes like these can typically be found at the UPS store, or any other shipping store, you can get an anti-static bag at any Computer store, Memory Express in Edmonton, AB for example, usually these bags are free if they have extra in stock. -- We sell the bags at Catalyst, they are $5.00 if you require one)

1. Make sure that your drive is CLEARLY LABELED with ALL your personal contact information. 2. CLICK HERE to download the release form, fill it out and package it WITH the drive. We cannot process your drive quickly without following this procedure!

Please let us know if you would like a technician to pickup your drive. (Contact Us) There is an additional charge of $50.00 to reserve a time for a technician to pickup your drive as long as you are located within Edmonton and greater area.

The Drive is packaged, now what?

Simple, deliver it to us. We are open from 9AM - 5PM Monday to Friday. We are located at:

Catalyst Network Solutions
1453 - 91 Street S.W
Edmonton, AB
T6X 0W8

The Catalyst data recovery team needs to inspect and assess your drive. As such you need to deliver it to our Edmonton AB, HQ location. Please ensure that ALL of the above steps are followed, and ensure to bring payment for your assessment. We accept Cash, Business/Personal Cheque, Visa and Mastercard. NO Debit is avaliable. Once we have confirmed payment, your drive will enter the queue.

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