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100% Canadian Hosting

We are proud to offer all our hosting services 100% in Canada.

99.999% Uptime - Catalyst Cloud

Never worry about downtime, patching, security or wait times for shipping for your new servers again.

Automated Patching

You will never have to watch for Microsoft patches again, Catalyst does all of this for you across all desktops, laptops and servers.

Catalyst supports over 4,500 Microsoft Patches for Operating Systems from Windows XP to Windows 10 on the desktop side, and Server 2000 to Windows Server 2012 R2, all Office 2000 to Office 2013 patches are included as well.

Cancel Anytime

With Catalyst cloud, there is no need to sign a long term agreement! You may cancel anytime, with a short notice period. Catalyst will mail your cloud server and data to your door on an external hard drive.

Cloud Hardware Upgrades, Anytime!

You can upgrade or downgrade the hardware on your cloud hosted servers literally anytime. CPU, RAM, Hard Disk space, literally anything can be changed generally within 15 minutes.

Cloud Pricing

Catalyst cloud pricing varies greatly since everyone has a different need when it comes to servers and desktops in the cloud, but here are some rough costs and examples for you: 

1 - Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition Server with 4GB Ram, 100GB Disk Space, and 2 CPU’s @ 2.74Ghz: MSRP $225 - $325/month

1 - Windows 8.1 Desktop 2GB RAM, 100GB Disk Space, 2CPU’s @ 2.74 Ghz: MSRP $40 - $96/month


Cloud Remote Support

Need help with your new cloud server? Maybe installing some new software, or need help migrating your users? We provide a level of free basic remote support, as in-depth consulting for larger cloud projects.

iVault Backups - Catalyst Cloud

Included in all our cloud servers, is our iVault backups are free of charge. You never need to worry about backups for any data placed in our cloud.

Want to learn more about our backups? Visit this page: iVault Backups

Super High Speed Internet

All our cloud servers are connected to a 250Mbps backbone that is multihomed with Shaw and Telus with a WiBand backup in case of a total cable loss or failure to the ISP.

We guarantee 90Mbps upload and download speeds to your hosted cloud, and each server comes with 100GB bandwidth per month. (Fully upgradeable if more data is needed as well, that is just where we start.)

Why wait for a new server?

Getting a new server takes weeks. Catalyst understand that you need to be agile in your business; and we can have your new cloud server up and running within 15 minutes!

Anything, from 1 to 64 CPU’s, 1GB to 96GB Ram, don’t worry we have it covered.