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NeverRest LIVE Support

NeverRest includes remote support for everything it is installed on. With it at your side, our local Edmonton I.T. consultants can connect to any users desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or server virtually anytime to assist you right away.
(Only with your permission of course!)

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99.999% Uptime - NeverRest

Never worry about downtime, or security for your Desktops, Laptops and Servers again! Check out the video for detailed information on how NeverRest will keep your IT equipment running!

NeverRest Advantage

This awe-inspiring management tool alone is the holy grail of IT support and maintenance for us at Catalyst.

NeverRest helps us perform more tasks then we could possibly imagine, and it does almost everything after hours; so that both you the client, and our consultants here at Catalyst can rest easy knowing it ‘Never Rests’ to protect, monitor and maintain your network and computers.

NeverRest Audit and Inventory Management

NeverRest is able to monitor and track every piece of hardware, and every installed piece of software no matter where the machines are located.

  • Real time access to computer hardware and software information regardless of online status
  • The ability to append any custom field for tracking purposes
  • Reports senior management wants, right away
  • Review changes that are away from your company baseline
  • E-Mail notifications for hardware or software changes
  • Export to HTML, Word, Excel

NeverRest Microsoft Updates

With NeverRest, you will never have to watch for Microsoft patches again, NeverRest does all of this for you across all desktops, laptops and servers.

NeverRest supports over 4,500 Microsoft Patches for Operating Systems from Windows XP to Windows 10 on the desktop side, and Server 2000 to Windows Server 2012 R2, all Office 2000 to Office 2013 patches are included as well.

NeverRest Mobile

With NeverRest, we can seamlessly connect with most mobile phone technologies, which includes asset geolocation (supported devices), and the ability to edit settings and remote control most mobile phones. 

Phones include: BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Windows Phones, and some Symbian and Palm devices are also supported.

NeverRest Pricing

Catalyst is here to design a package and price that works best for your company, and with NeverRest, you will never need to worry about your IT budget again. Our set monthly pricing removes all uncertainly and creates a proactive IT environment catered to your needs!

Pricing for NeverRest varies widely, as the solution is different for everyone, however here is a quick look at our packages, and basic MSRP pricing.

Desktop and Laptop MSRP: $45 - $225/user/month.

Server MSRP: $90 - $240/server/month.

NeverRest Tracking Package - Add-on

Assett Tracking

GeoLocation: Never lose an asset again. We can monitor and track it’s location globally

GeoFence: Laptop or desktop not supposed to leave the office, or the city? We will let you know if it does

Stolen Asset Recovery Guarentee: We take theft seriously. We will provide Law enforcement with the exact location of the unit. If for some reason we don’t get it back, or cannot track it, we buy you a replacement.

NeverRest Saves Money

NeverRest includes features that you are likely already paying for. The difference is that they are all housed under a single pane of glass, and that feature alone will save you money.

The second major benefit is that NeverRest automates a large majority of it’s features, so your IT staff are augmented, or if you are outsourcing to Catalyst these features are handled for you. 

If you have less than 350 staff, and want to save money on your IT support, outsourcing your hosting with NeverRest and Catalyst Network Solutions is right for you.

NeverRest Off-Site Data Backup

Included in NeverRest is a a 5GB off-site iVault plan.

This is great for any company road warrior who needs to to be sure there data is safe no matter what. Even in the face of a total loss, theft, failure, or accidental file deletion; your data will be there when you need it

Imagine your laptop is completely broken, you’ll look like a pro when you ace your sales demo without missing a beat.

NeverRest - Group Policy Management

NeverRest includes full Desktop policy management, for fast desktop policy changes to stay on top of all company wide policies, and security.

NeverRest Security Suite

We deliver the best in non-intrusive anti-malwareSpyware, & Anti Virus protection for your entire network. Including remote sites, servers, desktops, and laptops.


Managed IT solutions by Catalyst Network Solutions offers peace of mind like you’ve never experienced before. NeverRest, our very own managed IT solution, gives you complete control over your network and includes remote support for everything it is installed on — including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and servers. With the click of a button, Catalyst is connected and ready to virtually assist you right away, 24/7. With NeverRest at your side, our local Edmonton IT consultants can quickly connect to your device and troubleshoot problems quicker and easier than ever before.

Live IT Support

The way IT companies offer support to their customers has changed leaps and bounds over the years. In previous years, email and phone calls were generally the only two ways to try to reach out for support. And if you are like most people, you have had some nightmares being stuck on hold for hours or not receiving a reply to your email for days or weeks.

While some IT companies only offer email or phone support, they are far less common than in even the past few years or so. This is thanks to the emergence of live support. Live support offered by IT companies make it easier for customers to get quick answers to any problems, questions or concerns that they might have.

For Catalyst Solutions, live IT support technology allows for quicker resolution of issues, and keeps our customers happy. In addition to simply having a live chat, we take it a step further and offer full live IT support in the form of screen sharing. For example, if you are struggling with a program or piece of software, you will able to receive real-time assistance from an IT expert who can essentially “take over” your screen and walk you through the necessary fix.

As you could imagine, live IT support makes things much easier and less stressful for everyone involved, and it’s generally more affordable than you’d expect.

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Features included:

  • Live support in under 60 seconds
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Hardware Discounts
  • Live Support
  • NO Hourly Rates
  • Private / Client Online Knowledge Base
  • Private Domain WHOIS Records
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Secure DNS Hosting
  • Software Discounts
  • Website Hosting

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