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Cyber Security


Catalyst Network Solutions has a strong track record of providing discrete and confidential cyber security services to a range of commercial enterprises throughout Canada. Assisting in data protection and IT security services, we ensure that your business IT environments are safeguarded.

Our cyber security services include:

  • Ransomware protection
  • IT security audit
  • DDoS and incident response
  • Cloud security
  • Penetration testing

Ransomware protection

Remove the risk of downtime and loss of corporate data with a brand new turnkey solution called Ransom Guardian. Ranson Guardian is a full suite capable of protecting businesses from zero day exploits – including known AND unknown attack vectors and platforms. Feel safe about your business knowing it will never be compromised with Ransom Guardian watching your back.

IT security audit

Cyber security threats can manifest in a variety of ways involving human and non-human intervention. A typical IT security audit involves an in-depth examination of servers, network components, the physical environment, operational procedures and an intrusion test. Our cyber security audits allow us to find vulnerabilities and patch them in real time.

DDoS and incident response

Should your business come under cyber-attack from DDoS or Ransomware, you’ll need resilient IT systems to defend it. Using state-of-the-art examination systems, Catalyst Network Solutions can provide a number of cyber security incident response services including the development of an incident response (IR) plan, evaluation and testing of your IR plan, educating staff to raise their cyber-attack awareness, act as first responder in the event of an incident or breach, and identify and report on what has actually happened.

Cloud security

Catalyst Network Solutions can assist in cloud decision making in advance of migrating. We’ll help ensure security best practices are in place as a foundation for a successful and safe cloud migration. From mapping your existing environment through to reviewing current and future state architecture, we are able to collaborate with you to provide practical security guidance and advice in this complex process.

If your business has already made a partial or full migration to the cloud, we’ll help map the cloud landscape so you can visibly see what exactly is being used and who is using it. We’ll help you identify and understand your current risk levels and the practical steps you can take to ensure the protection of your business, and your customers data.

Penetration testing

Our penetration testing services are performed by our white-hat / ethical hacking team. We simulate real-world attacks against your security infrastructure and/or web applications and report back on the findings and how to remedy any vulnerabilities. Professional penetration testing allows you to better understand your security gaps, security risk profiles, and practical steps for improvement.