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Data Recovery Services


Data Recovery

Catalyst Network Solutions understands how difficult losing your data can be. Especially if the data is business critical, or is irreplaceable like family photo’s etc. We categorize our data recovery methods into two distinct areas. 

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Data Recovery Services When You Need It Most

Looking for a data recovery company in Edmonton? Catalyst has a full data recovery laboratory located in Edmonton Alberta to help with all your data recovery needs. We have over a 95% success rate. Get the media to us and we’ll get the data back! Start by watching the video, and when you are ready CONTACT US to get your drive booked in for an assessment.

Data Recovery Companies Are Able to Use Special Software to Bring Back Data That Was Accidentally Deleted or Lost From Devices

Technology has done some incredibly great things for our society, from how we live, to how we work. However, it does have its faults, and one of them is that it can fail or break down. While this isn’t always a huge issue, it is if the thing that fails or breaks down is your phone, computer, or files on either of them. Some of us have photos, files, texts or other information that we cannot afford to lose. Unfortunately, once it is lost or deleted, it is gone forever… or is it?

Thankfully, data recovery companies are able to use special software to bring back data that was accidentally deleted or lost from devices. Data recovery services are incredibly helpful in saving you (or your company) from the disaster of losing all of the (potentially private) information on your phone, computer or network.

We can help you recover data from various types of disasters such as accidental deletion, hardware or software failure, physical damage, virus damage and more. If you aren’t sure if we can help you, be sure to reach out.

The process that we use to be able to help recover your data is quite simple. You simply need to either deliver the drive, or have our data technicians pick it up. But before you do, be sure to label everything and download and fill out the release form.

The typical cost for data recovery will depend on a lot of different things such as how soon you need the data recovered, and how complex the data is that you need brought back. It can range from as little as $50 upfront, to as much as a few hundred dollars up front. While that might sound like a lot, it is a small price to pay for helping recover priceless or valuable data.

If you ever lose some important data in your phone or computer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us sooner rather than later. With a success rate above 95%, we are supremely confident that we can help get your data back.