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Disaster Recovery Planning

At Catalyst We know that in the event of a loss of data, there is no recovery. That is why we knew that trusting anyone else with the job of protecting your data just won’t do!

Emergency In-Cloud Restores

Your staff and clients can access your company information from any internet location, quickly and securely in the event of a total loss. Catalyst will even help our Proactive Maintence Plan members with the vital external DNS changes for free in the event of a total disaster at your site!

High Speed!

iVault is an ON-SITE Backup appliance, so your data restores are always available at super high speed, when you need it most.

iV Restore & Hardware Independent Restore

Restore a virtual image of the server / workstation anytime at high speed. Or, if a repair is not possible with the failed hardware, recover to a new machine! It’s simple!

Off-Site Backup Assurance

The iVault system is a unique hybrid appliance, it sends all of your backups off-site as well. In the event of a total loss, rest assured, your data is safe!

Round Trip Backup

Nobody wants to wait or pay for a huge 200+GB one time time upload! That is why we capture and deliver your data to our off-site centers. iVault will only focus on the changes from the first backup, not the initial file swap.


iVault Has Your Business Covered

iVault has your business covered. iVault offers, 24/7 Service and monitoring by REAL people 100% Turn-Key iVault deployment teams, ZERO Headache What about: Fire, Theft, Flood, Vandalism? You’re protected. with iVault Hybrid ON-SITE Speed, with OFF-SITE reliability, 256-Bit Encryption. + More!

When it comes to keeping information safe, we are proud to offer a fully automated backup system, where all files are kept on-site and off-site for high speed restores. Introducing the Catalyst Network Solutions iVault Secure Backup System! CLICK HERE to read the full PDF and details on the iVault system.