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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work?

Catalyst Network Solutions is an IT company driven to provide our clients a completely custom designed solution tailored to your needs. Below, you will find answers to most of our commonly asked questions, and some questions we wished people asked more often!

Is Catalyst Network Solutions for me? What do you offer?

Catalyst Network Solutions offers custom solutions for business and home infrastructures. What does that mean? Well, in a nutshell we design and deliver secure, efficient and reliable networks to home and business environments.

All our I.T. Services are listed in detail under the Services section.

Contact Us today to see how quickly you can benefit from our unsurpassable service and dedicated reliability.

What is a ’Free Network Assessment? What does it include?

A Free Network Assessment is a "Check-up" for your Network. Catalyst Network Solutions will look at every aspect of your network, and determine what can be done to ensure your network is running at peak efficiency. Best of all it’s free! Contact Us now, to see when we can do a Free Network Assessment for you.

What makes you different from other IT consulting companies?

Our support model is simple, At Catalyst there are only seasoned technical support staff here that are ready to serve you. There are no gatekeepers, there are no entry level technician’s. This is how we can make sure that the issues we solve are fixed one time, on time. That is ’The Catalyst Advantage’.

Our agents are assigned to your account, so you have a one stop place to obtain support. This also makes support better for our clients as it not possible for us to ’pass off’ support to another agent. You get the same agent, the same case, everytime. Credibility at it’s finest.