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Our Network Assessment

Our Free Network Assessment allows our industry trained technician’s the ability to spend supervised time with your servers and network hardware. Rest assured, that any data we collect during this process will never leave our hands. We will make no changes to your network during this process for confidentiality and security reasons.

The Network Assessment is completed on-site with you in person. It is designed to invoke conversation about your network’s current health, and the problem area’s that should be addressed first followed by other needs and wants for your existing or new network.

From this, we are able to create a Technical Roadmap for your business, we wrap this into a custom proposal that will be delivered and reviewed with you within 1-7 business days. (Depending on your network and staff size) from this evaluation, we are able to establish a clear understanding of your networks current design and we are able to add, implement, or create new solutions for your business.

Once all of the work has been completed, we recommend a maintenance policy for your network, and to allow some time to read the Catalyst FACTS PDF file. This document explains how obtaining an on-going Service Agreement from Catalyst Network Solutions can save up to 50–70% on your current and recurring I.T. spending, while providing the same, or higher service levels to your staff.